The New Zion Gospel Church was founded in 1952 by the late, Mother Suzie Lomax. Mother Lomax was given a vision and a commission from the Lord to 'build Him a house from the ground up'. In 1971 the vision had come to complete fruition and the New Zion Gospel church was erected at 2747 E.90th Street in Cleveland, Ohio. The saints; young, old, men, women and children, 'literally' marched from their old place of worship (an old store front church) into their newly erected church building.

The New Zion Gospel Church has seen much transition over the years. The church has been under the leadership of 7 different Pastor's at varying times. The current pastor Bishop Martin L. Griffin has (with the Lord's guidance) pastored the flock of Zion for over 20 years now.

The New Zion Gospel church is also very rich in spiritual heritage; as it still has a few members who have been a part of the church since it's inception. Their presence and perseverance serves as a constant reminder of Zion's beginnings; while at the same time testifies and makes witness of how far the Lord has brought the church.

The New Zion Gospel Church was definitely founded upon a rock; that rock being the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of this 'rock- solid' foundation, the ministry of the New Zion Gospel Church will continue to reach the masses